A Review Of The New Sex Doll Documentary Silicone Soul

older man with his sex robot

Trailer: Silicone Soul_ Feb. 2018 from Frozen Feet Films on Vimeo.

A new documentary called silicone soul was released this week and explores men and women in the USA that enter into relationships with sex dolls.

This is the stereotypical sex doll documentary that you would expect to be made by a woman that attempts to portray men in these kinds of situations in a sympathetic light while really doing the opposite, and making the use of sex dolls look like the outlet for the dregs of society who secretly want an old bird, such as the filmmaker herself, to love them.

While the documentary maker gets the men in the film to explain their many reasons for being with a sex doll, such as their sex doll being unable to cheat on them and providing companionship and unconditional love…

This movie illustrates a much bigger issue that everyone knows is the real reason these men go with sex dolls. they can’t get women, or more precisely they can’t get the type of women they would like. whatever stories they may tell themselves and others, that is the core of the situation here. Any man can get a woman if he just goes low enough, but even these guys don’t want to go that low.

The men in this movie are old and ugly and unappealing. And that is not to be disparaging to these men, it is just a reality. Even the most beautiful of men will eventually end up ugly and old and unappealing, and unless they can sugar daddy their way around it, they won’t be getting the kind of women they want, and that’s no one’s fault.

This is the future that awaits most men in the current economic era, despite what they like to tell themselves. at one point a man could leverage his money as he got older to level the playing field, but with making money only getting harder due to automation, globalization, and immigration, and women competing economically it is just a fact that most men will just simply get old and not have any power in a sexual market place driven by social media.

While some men may adapt and go with older women and put up with their shitty attitudes, if that is even an option, many men won’t and will continue to desire young pretty women with a pleasant attitude as nature intended. And this isn’t limited to older men, as it is generally becoming harder for all men of any age to meet the demands and put up with the behavior of modern women.

Despite all this, many men would still like to have something resembling a young woman in appearance around them and some basic companionship. Sex dolls provide just that.

It’s easy to understand how many guys will begin to explore their options and use technology as a way to bypass the situation. Sex dolls, sex robots. virtual reality, augmented reality… all these are technological options that are here already and drastically improving, and are a great alternative, especially when compared to getting nothing at all, or worse, dealing with a monster.

The upsides are obvious. With a sex doll, you can have a younger model without the hassle and expenses that come with a woman. A doll will always look better than the average woman, will not age or disappoint you physically.

Her level of companionship will always be greater, since most men only really want a woman to sit there and keep him company, without having to be subject to whims and moods that men put up with as part of the deal of being with a real woman. And with take away food services being so common now you don’t even have to worry about having someone to cook and clean the dishes anymore. If any of them even do that these days.

This is something that will only become more prevalent as technology keeps improving. Dolls are becoming more lifelike and transitioning into fully robotic machines, while the costs of purchasing one keeps coming down.

There is no point for western women to take the stance of “oh how sad for him” when the reality is that there are more men on this planet then youthful women, and many will simply be left without any options no matter what.

And truth be told, despite thinking so much of themselves, other than reproduction, women don’t bring much to the table for men, even if this is hard for them to wrap their heads around.

There is also the simple fact that some men just want sex and not much else, and that a sex doll will do just as good of a job for a fraction of the price and hassle that a real woman can provide.

I say its time for someone to make a documentary that is pro-sex dolls, pro the positives of this technology and all the upsides that come with it, rather than making another sad lonely man story.

Sex robots are the future. These men are just pioneers in utilizing technology to solve the issue of dealing with women in the modern world. Get yours now!

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