A Brothel In The North Of England Gives Us A Glimpse Of Why Women Will Inevitably Be Replaced By Sex Dolls

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A brothel in a small wasteland of a town called Sheffield in the north of England decided to give the world an insight into what it’s like to work in a sex brothel and inadvertently also why sex dolls will put them out of business very soon.

The massage parlor named City Sauna ran by a mother and daughter team hosts a whole brigade of creatures, that you could also call women, that work there offering their services. While that part is uninteresting and to be expected, they also have a sex doll on the premises for customers to choose from.

Clearly a lower quality model to what is available out there but better than the images you are about to see next

This is an Ok-looking doll but definitely an older and less realistic one that would easily be surpassed by any of the latest models due to the ever-perpetual leap in quality and realism of modern dolls. But never the less when I present to you the competition you can decide for yourself who you would rather sleep with.

Now when you see the options available to the average male, which would you rather go for. These girls might not look the best but believe me when it comes to prostitution these monsters aren’t anything out of the ordinary and actually about the usual level you will find available in most places. Unless you enter a whole next level of spending bracket, which 99 percent of the population won’t ever reach, especially in today’s economy, this is what your options are.

In contrast, you can see that the sex doll they offer resembles looks far closer to what the ideal women should look like for customers going to a brothel, and how far off men are from getting what they want. pretty, young, slender and healthy-looking. And while tastes may vary this is an ideal model for what most men like, and If this wasn’t the case, this brothel would have bought a sex doll that resembles the women that work there.

When asked on prices, one of the sex workers says ‘The women all charge different prices, but the basic package price for one sex act – oral or sex – costs £30 for half an hour, or £65 for an hour.’ that, of course, doesn’t take into account the 15 pounds entry fee they charge just for you to walk in and see what is hiding inside.

When you think that it costs 15 pounds for an entry and £30 for half an hour, or £65 for an hour of sex with one of these slobs its shocking to imagine that anyone would pay that for the quality on display no matter how old and ugly they are.

They don’t mention how much it costs to have sex with the sex doll but I would imagine it would be cheaper and would have the upside of being condom free and risk-free, especially of catching a bad case of PTSD at seeing one of these monsters naked and suddenly realize what you are doing.

Unless you live in a country where the women look like this and go for 20 dollars a pop its time to start considering your options.

And to be honest, this has always been a bit of a myth, especially in the modern world where there are no cheap and easy places for men to find attractive young women. You might find yourself better off purchasing your own sex doll then investing in a bad experience with a hooker that looks like this…

This brothel clearly owns a sex doll to plug a gap that they can’t fill. finding young pretty girls that men actually want to have sex with willing to work in the sex industry.

Any girl working as a sex worker in the west that is attractive and under the age of 30 nowadays will be by default a sex doll since there are so few attractive young women willing to do the job anymore.

This is conclusive proof that sex dolls are going to be an absolute must in the future as it gets harder to find attractive women willing to work these kinds of jobs, which are a necessity for society to function properly and give all men an opportunity to gain access to what they want, younger prettier women. because no matter how old a man gets, he will always remain attracted to the same women he was attracted to when he was younger.

On a side note, what are they putting in the food to make all the western women so massive and butch? hopefully whoever is engineering the food agenda in the west to turn all these women into complete slobs is doing it to get men into sex dolls faster, rather than having them consider going gay.

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