Welcome to Joi Machine, the world’s leading retailer of sex dolls Based out of the USA. The site seeks to liberate men from the bondage of female tyranny and allow them to live out their dreams with the women they desire. The way things have progressed in recent years with technology such as smartphones, dating apps, and a general tilting of society towards a female agenda, has created a highly unfavorable situation for men.

After feeling the effects of all this ourselves and seeing the writing on the wall, we decided that there must be a better way for men to have their needs met than the options that are available to them today. There is a massive asymmetry in the sexual market place and the average guy has been marginalized and left to feed on scraps. The way things are going there seems to be no way of reversing the situation between men and women without a radical intervention.

We believe that sex dolls are the only way to rectify this and bring back some balance to the equation. We fervently believe that sex dolls are the way of the present and future and will be soon as realistic as those in TV shows such as Westworld.

Technology has given infinite options to women, but what is coming will do the same for men. Our aim is to help in accelerating the creation of better dolls and the adoption of sex dolls by mainstream society, breaking the taboos and conditioning around them, and improving the lives of men. We want to relieve men of the needless suffering that they have to endure and free them from the burden of having to deal with women and all that entails. No more will men have to bend backward to the will of this gynocentric society in the hope of gaining a female’s approval nor will they be marginalized or forced to accept lower standards of behavior and appearance. Replacing women is the ultimate aim, and we are not far from that becoming a reality. The future will be better than we ever could have imagined.

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