October 18, 2019

Academics Are Looking To Take The Miracle Of Sex Robots And Turn Them Completely Lame

engineer building sex robot

Supposed experts and researchers in Australia and the Netherlands are planning to force sex bot creators to build in sex consent modules to allow the doll to refuse your sexual advances.

This is being done under the guise of somehow teaching men how to behave around women and prevent rape, and learn to be more moral and virtuous, or something along those lines.

Of course, idiot experts and professors at universities are so consumed with gender politics and feminism that they fail to see the obvious, people that use sex robots will not go with women once they switch over, unless of course, they do realize this, and this is just another play at limiting men’s sexuality to keep them logged into the system

How this consent module will work has not been specified yet and what will happen if you do not respect your sex robots’ consent is not clear, but I have a few ideas on how they will probably program the algorithm.

If your sex robot senses that your finances are not in order by scanning your online bank statements, it will refuse you sex until you get yourself a proper job to pay for a mortgage and car…

If you put on a bit of weight your sex doll can refuse you until you get a gym membership and are totally shredded.

Or maybe it will be able to pull information about the latest seasonal fashion trends online and refuse you sex until you get your fashion on point for the next quarter…

And if you start losing your hair it will notify you of the closes hair transplant clinic and refuse you sex until you get it fixed

Unsurprisingly there is no talk about having sex robots require a consent module when it comes to those that will be designed to service women.  but it would be interesting to see how women react to being rejected over and over again until they get their fat asses into shape or learn how to be more interesting. but I’m sure these same experts will create laws preventing robots from shaming women.

There seems to be no logical reason as to why a robot would need to reject sexual advances from men but they are looking to justify this in terms of a Consent practice that will teach guys how to behave around women.

The idea is that once you have been rejected over and over again by your sex robot, you will finally be able to know when a girl has consented to have sex with you since most guys seem unable to understand that when a woman says yes, she sometimes means no.

But they also admit that “verbal consent does not necessarily mean that a partner is freely engaging in sex”.  Meaning that even if your sex bot verbally consents, she actually might not have and you could still be liable for raping the sex robot that you purchased for sex.

So basically, you are subject to your sex robot’s subjective opinion of the situation, just as it is with a real woman.

One of the arguments that they are pushing, and is becoming common to hear, is that That the use sex robots will Normalize rape against women – just like video games made modern men ultra-violent and masculine – and that if men can just have sex with ultra-hot sex robots any time they want, there will be a spike of guys in ski masks lurking down dark alleyways waiting to rape bitches

They also claim that the constant rejection of sexual advances by sex robots will help men become more virtuous – unlike those from real women that have turned them all into rapists – and will help sexually educate men, and put the brakes on the current rape epidemic sweeping the west.

Obviously, if rape is such a massive issue in modern society the logical decision would be to let men have sex with sex robots whenever they want and encourage men to forgo women altogether, that way there would not be any rape issues at all, but I can’t see that argument being made any time soon.

This is just another attempt at limiting access to sexual outlets for men. Expect this to be part of the ever-growing set of arguments by experts, academics, and women to have sex dolls ban.