Chasing After Women Is An Incredible Waste Of Time And Money – It Is Far Cheaper To Buy A Whole Harem Of Sex Dolls

Sexdolls are far more economical then chasing women

In every way, dealing with women costs an incredible amount of time and money if carefully calculated. Most guys don’t take into account the full extent of the costs involved for every girl they get with, but if they did, they would soon start to question whether it was really worth it.

In a world where time is money if you added up the value of the hours, you have lost trying to get laid you might be shocked. 

But I guess ignorance is bliss.

Until your broke, and then it’s not.

Whether its spending hours scrolling through tinder to have stupid conversations with secret ugly bitches…

Or walking around the streets for hours on end working up the courage to talk to women who will engage you in boring conversations that lead to nothing…

Or Spending hours in the club drinking and roaming around hoping to finally find a girl that is interested in you while destroying your eardrums…

Or traveling to shitty foreign countries in the hope of getting laid…

This all takes an incredible amount of time, and most of this time is fairly unpleasant, since dealing with unpleasant women is usually far from fun.

And this only accounts for the direct time wasted in picking up women and doesn’t even account for all the hours lost on doing things that are indirectly related to trying to get your dick sucked.

If you value getting pussy that much then go right ahead, but I’d imagine that most guys, especially those over 30 will have lost most of their tolerance for all of this.

But ok, you put in the time and you think it was worth it, and now you have a few quality leads to work on.

But now the work has only just begun

You will now spend hours messaging all your leads, setting up dates and planning logistics…

And finally, you meet a girl for a date.

Only you forgot to what extent Women are incredible time-wasters, especially during the courting process.

Girls will have no mercy on you and will think nothing of making you invest countless hours only to leave you with nothing in the end, even if you manage to take it right to the bedroom.

And if you are stupid enough not to realize that if she doesn’t have sex with you fairly quickly, she never will. she will string you along for the sake of entertainment, validation, company, or free shit and not feel the slightest bit of remorse for it.

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So now you’re on a date and get the spend a good few hours talking about nothing… but of course, you enjoy it. because every guy enjoys talking about nothing too low IQ strangers for hours on end under the premise of trying to get something from them…

And If wasting time wasn’t bad enough, all this will also cost you money

Even if you are a smart guy and do not spend a dollar on the girls themselves, you will spend on, clothing, accessories, taxies, coffees, going out, alcohol, app subscriptions, flights, hotels and on and on.

These are all expenses you would not have to make if it wasn’t for the sake of trying to get some pussy, and when added up over years it would end up being enough to buy you a Ferrari, let alone a sex doll.

But let’s say that after all that time and money you finally get laid with a girl you would rate an 8

Were those 20 minutes of sexual activity really worth it?

(And for all you dummies that claim to fuck women for hours on end while being super concerned for making her orgasm, please leave this site. You guys are beyond helping and need an intervention!)

If you were to average out the amount of time you spend trying to get laid and assign that time a dollar value, and on top of that you added up what you actually spend money-wise on chasing pussy, and divided that by the number of lays you get, you would be shocked at the average cost per lay.

Total value of time spent chasing pussy + total money spent chasing pussy / number off lays = A red pill you might not want to swallow

The cost of sex with a girl for most guys must be in the 1000s, if not much more

When you view it through that lens, why not just by a sex doll or go see premium hookers? it would be far cheaper.

But maybe your one of those guys that say he enjoys the hunt. that’s a costly hunt if you ask me. it probably rivals the cost of hunting endangered rhinos in Africa, and that would probably be more fun. And you would probably have a horn or something to take home and put on your wall to show for it.

But let’s not forget the opportunity cost.

Every hour you spend trying to find pussy or dealing with women — even if you already know them — amounts to an incredible amount of energy that could have been put towards other things.

You only have a finite amount of energy each day and between trying to make money, getting in shape/ staying healthy, and getting laid, something has got to give. Unless you’re High on Testosterone you will know which one it is.

In the end, the reality is that once you have had enough sex you soon realize that it doesn’t amount to much or leave you with much of anything other than a few scattered memories that you can jerk of too from time to time.

And this is coming from an honest place, having made all the mistakes I wrote about above for over a decade. Looking back, all I can say is that it was a complete waste of time. But if you’re not convinced then go ahead and try it for yourself for a few years and come back and read this article again. Maybe then this will make more sense to you.

if on average you spend 20 hours a week trying to get laid — which is conservative in reality, since getting laid nowadays is at least a part-time job — and you put that time towards learning a marketable skill, by the end of the year you could probably be charging 50 – 100 dollars an hour and using that money to get any kind of woman you want. Plus let’s not forget that those skills compound, chasing dumb bitches doesn’t.

But I can already hear you say that it’s not the same because she won’t really want you…

Please realize how weak and stupid you sound when you say that.

Unless you are 19, concerning yourself with what a woman thinks of you is a modern mental illness designed to keep you running around in circles.

You can take my word for it that none of the men that built this world where concerned by such things.

So why are you?

While some guys were busy building generational fortunes, others were busy trying to figure out how to make dumb bitches orgasm

Imagine what you could do if you took all that time, money and energy and put it towards building something.

In the long run, you would end up with so much more for simply forgoing the unpleasantness of dealing with women and redirecting your intentions towards more productive activities.

If after reading this you still think chasing around dumb bitches is worth it then be my guest, someone has to give them some attention or they might end up tearing down the rest of western civilization.

But if this article resonated with you, it’s probably time to stop fucking around, and start building something that will pay for you ten times over in the long run.

And of course, In the meantime, your sexual urges won’t just go away, and you will need something to keep you from relapsing.

Luckily there are technological solutions in 2020.

Either buy yourself a sex doll or invest in a quality VR headset to watch premium VR porn.

That will to tide you over until you have made enough money to just pay for any woman you want…

But I’m sure that after experiencing the quality of modern sex dolls, I doubt that real women will be of much interest to you anymore.

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