Forget HIV – Anti Bacteria Resistant STDs Are A Bigger Issue – Even More Reason Why You Need A Sex Doll

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In the 60s came free love, everyone could have sex with everyone as they pleased since there were no real risks. Antibiotics had cleared away all common sexually transmitted diseases and the pill had broken the causation between sex and childbirth, so there was no more need to give her a fake name just in case you got her pregnant and she tried to track you down.

Basically, everyone could fuck everyone without a condom, and they did exactly that. imagine what you missed out on!

Then came the go-go 80s and aids came on the scene and suddenly everyone was scared of having sex, and people assumed that in 20 years half the worlds population would be dead due to the disease.

Sadly, that never happened, but HIV is still a major issue, even if it’s just because we all have to wear condoms just in case… and never get to actually enjoy having sex.

And anyway, if you caught HIV you could live another 20 or 30 years, so whatever…

Charlie Sheen will probably live to be 200

But then along came super gonorrhea.

With the world population exploding and most of them being low IQ and not understanding how to properly use antibiotics, strains of bacteria have become antibiotic-resistant. One of the main ones being gonorrhea.

If you take a course of antibiotics and you don’t complete it, some of the bacteria survive. Those will be the ones that were most resistant, to begin with, and will eventually go on to bread a stronger strain then what you started with, rendering those same antibiotic useless.

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So now instead of worrying about contracting a relatively hard to catch disease such as HIV – that you could pretty much avoid totally by not having butt sex – you can also be very worried about catching a much easier one such as super gonorrhea.

Not only does gonorrhea act fast and instantly begin to make your life agony, if left unchecked it can also put you 6 feet under, and in a matter of months. the agonizing few months leading up to your death will at least make you grateful you have passed on.

This is nothing compared to super gonorrhea

The worst part of gonorrhea is that it not only can infect your sexual organs but your throat and eyes also. Gonorrhea was one of the leading causes of blindness in the good old days, even claiming the eyes of the first female doctor.

just when you thought only your penis was at risk now you find out you could go blind from fucking a bitch also. Or even worse, just fingering her, not cleaning your hands and then scratching your eye…

With the likelihood of new antibiotics being created slower than they have in the past and maybe not at all, this leads to a difficult situation were the risks of having sex have drastically increased overnight and things are unlikely to improve in the near future.


As soon as we create new antibiotics, people in low IQ countries will misuse them and make them completely useless even faster than the previous ones. so basically, we are heading back into a world where we have no antibiotics out of sheer stupidity!

So, what is a man to do?

perpetually use condoms, and never slip up or have one break, and accept that when he has sex, he will never really enjoy it.

Get a steady girl, have her tested and hope she doesn’t whore around and pick up a strain to give you. Which nowadays is basically impossible unless you have her on watch 24/7.

Or just masturbate for the rest of your life, hopefully at the very least using a VR headset, and never deal with women again.

The obvious solution is sex dolls!

You get all the upsides of a woman and none of the downsides of risking your life and dying an agonizing and shameful death.

So instead of wasting your time going around looking for subpar women to have sex with, slipping up on using a condom, and then worrying over whether you caught something deadly for the next 2 3 weeks…

Buy a sex doll.

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