How Long Before Women Are Fully Replaced by Sex Robots

Fembots will replace women

Its long been the fantasy of many men to replace women with robot females that look the way they want them to look while behaving the way they want them to behave.

There are so many downsides to the average woman that it’s not hard to see why this has been a fantasy since the early days of cinema. from the Stepford wives all the way up to Westworld, this idea has been a strong component of the modern zeitgeist and is only picking up steam as people realize just how close to reality this dream now is.

Westworld Gynoids

Women don’t act the way we want them too, talk the way we want them too, or even have a basic understanding of men and how they think. They are just something that men put up with because they have no other options. but soon there will be more choice than ever before, and that day can’t come soon enough.

But how close are we really to having fully robotic women that can service us in every way.

While modern sex dolls look more life-like than ever before they are still considered fairly limited by some users who would like a more immersive experience. the lack of body movement or mental interaction seems to be something that is currently holding back the inevitable explosion of sex dolls into the mainstream of society and completely displacing women once and for all.

Apparently this doll isn’t immersive enough for the average guy

While most men think they would need a sex robot to be able to walk and talk before they could take an interest in them, this is misguided. the goal isn’t to recreate women from scratch. it is to take all the things we want and enhance them while leaving the unnecessary behind.

The first complaint is that sex dolls can’t move around yet and are static entities. but in reality, when it comes to a sexual experience with a real woman, in many ways there is not much movement happening there other than her lying on her back and standing on four legs, which are both positions that modern sex dolls can do perfectly well.

Check Her Out Here

The second complaint is that there is no mental interaction with current sex dolls. At some point in the near future, we will have dolls that have personalities that are pleasing to men, but until then, the fact that sex dolls don’t have much of a personality is still preferable to a real woman that has one. Unless you are a masochist and enjoy the pain of talking to women.

And of course, there might be some men that want to have children, and currently, the prospect of an artificial womb is still far off and something that is likely to come about last.

Zero chance of fetal alcohol syndrom

So what improvements in sex dolls can we expect to see in the next few years?

the self-powered articulating skeleton that would allow dolls to walk around autonomously still seems far of at this point. A sex doll with the abilities of those in Westworld or Ex-Machina will require major advances in robotics to be able to put all the required machinery into a body that is the size of a woman and get it to move around correctly.

while this technology has advanced vastly in the last few years, it’s still some way off. Current robots are clunky and designed for pure utility rather than aesthetics, and are only good at specific tasks, not multivariate ones that make humans what they are. I wouldn’t expect something like this for another 10 to 15 years, so if one of your requirements is that you need a woman to be able to walk around then you might have to put up with real women a while longer.

Here are some of the best examples of what is possible as of now.

Another issue will be the power source required to power the dolls without them having to be attached to the mains. maybe Elon Musks battery project could be of some use here. instead of wasting his time on problems that don’t matter, like trying to replace petroleum-based cars, why doesn’t he focus on ones that do, like replacing women with sexbots, after all, he did just get a good lesson in that regard.

But the fact is that sex doesn’t really require much movement on behalf of the female, and if the bot could simulate just some of the movements of real women, that would already go a long way to making the experience truly authentic.

After all, it’s not like men need women to be moving around to enjoy them. For the most part, women are completely passive in the process of intercourse, and any position where she isn’t feels like shit anyway and is mostly done to satisfy her more than anything else.

The Chinese practice of foot binding is a great example of this. A practice that was done to prevent women from being able to move around. They would lie around in bed all day or just be scuttling around from time to time. The lack of movement did not seem to impact the Chinese men’s liking for their women, otherwise, they would not have continued the practice for some many years.

she never left the couch, not unlike most contemporary women

Once sex dolls can simulate just some basic movements like facial expressions and basic breathing patterns we would be 90 percent of the way to the real thing.

Sure, it might be a bit like having sex with a paraplegic woman paralyzed from the neck down. but no one is saying those aren’t real women are they.

Research and development into creating more expressive faces for sex dolls are already well on the way, with the main issue being the costs involved for the average consumer at this stage of development. there is also the issue that the expressions haven’t been worked out fully and rather than creating a lifelike effect, they create an uncanny valley one.

That might be ok for Asian customers who seem to like the basic android effect that their real women attempt to recreate, but that will not fly with a western audience who are used to seeing more expressive faces.

With a combination of facial expressions and an articulating mouth that can simulate the appearance of talking and kissing, you would already be most of the way there. it’s only a matter of time before they work out the kinks in this technology and it appears seamless.

In reality, the hardest problems to solve such as getting that bitch on two legs and doing the dishes is probably the least useful part of a sex doll. advances in AI and VR technology are going to bring about what is far more likely to be the thing that really makes the difference and takes the sexual experiences with sex dolls to a whole new level.

VR headsets will be able to project emotionality onto a doll and bring her to life physically, while AI technology will sweet talk you through your earbuds and tell you all the things you would want to hear.

For many men, the thing they are seeking from women isn’t just sex but validation and approval and a feeling of being wanted. Men of the modern era attach incredible importance to a women’s opinions of them and it will be important for whatever AI is attached to be able to simulate that feeling no matter how lame that is.

And all this will come about rapidly as the technology is basically already here and just needs to be worked into the equation.

Google glasses might have failed but that is the type of technology that will allow you to overlay expressions onto a dolls face. While general AI is only speeding up, with the appearance of chatbots that can mimic human conversation, already existing online. Hopefully, if AI doesn’t wipe us out, it will be a great addition to any doll.

Augmented reality glasses will only make sex dolls more appealing

Eventually, you won’t need any VR device at all to create life-likeness in a doll, as the combination of AI directly implanted into the head and facial expressiveness will be enough to create a fully lifelike experience.

Basic versions of this already exist but are quite crude. But within the next 3 to 5 years, I would expect this to be a standard part of any sex doll you buy.

As for going all the way such as in films like blade runner and being able to impregnate a sex robot that seems to be the least likely thing to come about anytime soon. The best option here might be to use an external womb to have your child and have the sex robot raise it since no matter what happens it will always do a better job than any woman could.

The need for fully formed robots like the ones in Westworld is overstated and not necessary for what most men need out of them. For a purely sexual experience, most of the current dolls are already most of the way there and anything above that would just be something extra. Current dolls will be just as good on four legs as any future doll will be or any current women can be. Don’t wait for the future and get your doll now.

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