How To Repair A TPE Sex Doll – Cuts, Tears And Abrasions

broken sex doll - how to repair

While TPE dolls are of much better quality than the ones from a few years back, with newer better TPE material being used to make the dolls, they still haven’t figured out a way to make them completely indestructible as of yet.

While many buy sex dolls for a multitude of reasons, the main one is of course to have sex. In the course of owning a doll it is inevitable that with all the fun and action you will have with her you will also come to damage her on occasion and knowing how to repair your doll is an important skill, since you will not be able to simply ship her back for repairs from the retailer you purchased her from or take her down to your average repair store – at least that is until sex dolls and sex robots go mainstream.

There is no universal way to repair TPE dolls and no clear guidelines from either retailers or manufacturers on how to handle common issues that occur such as tears, cuts, abrasions from everyday use because of the rapid evolution of the materials involved in manufacturing. but here are a whole bunch of the best methods so far for dealing with any issues that might arise.

This article will teach you all the basics of how to fix any damage that the TPE material might incur during your doll’s life cycle helping to maintain her appearance for as long as possible.

The most common areas to get damaged are to those incur the most stretching and bending such as the vagina, anus, armpit, elbows, and knees and you will need to keep a close eye on these areas to make sure to repair the area as soon as possible to prevent it turning into an irreversible issue. you will also get general tears and abrasions all over the body over time depending on how you use your doll.

The two best and most common ways for repairing TPE related issues are either with TPE glue or by heating the TPE with a heat gun and reworking the area until the material is fixed.

TPE repair kits are easy to find and purchase online and at first, glance would seem the most convenient and ideal way of dealing with any issues but comes with a few downsides such as it not being a very durable and long-lasting method that can lead to an accumulation of excess material with repeated repairs. if not done properly this can turn into a mess.

You would simply find an area that is split and fill it with TPE glue using a fine-tipped tool and then pull the two sides of the cut together. once applied and held a minute or two, the two sides should come back together and hold, making it as good as new.

The second way which is slightly more complicated involves melting the TPE to a certain temperature using a heat gun and reworking the area. Usually you would warm the TPE to 120 degrees Celsius – but this will depend on the type of TPE blend that the doll is made from – and use an infrared gun to make sure you are not overheating the TPE and burning it once you find that sweet spot where the TPE gets soft enough for you to rework.

In the case of a cut, you would simply need to melt the area and then pull the two sides together, allowing them to rejoin. Once the cut is closed you can then carefully smooth out the area to give it a clean finish. finish up the job by powdering the area once it has cooled down with some baby powder to cover any blemishes left over from the process and create an even and clean look.

Before you repair your doll with TPE glue or a heat gun make sure to clean the surface down to make sure that there is no dirt that can get trapped and that the area is sterile before doing any work on your doll

This whole procedure can be tricky so make sure you practice first with the piece of TPE that comes with every doll for you to use and learn from. The good news is that TPE is an ideal material for repair and can be re-melted to fix fairly easily once you get the hang of it

Some areas will be simpler than others depending on wither it’s a joint or not and how quickly you get started on the repair when it happens. joints are particularly difficult since they need to stretch and contract, making it hard to work on these areas. to make any repairs to joints the material needs to be at rest when heated and not stretch to avoid further tearing when heated as the material loosens up to be reworked and remodeled.

Just remember that when you work on your doll to protect yourself. you will need to wear a protective mask to avoid inhaling fumes while heating the TPE. While TPE is completely safe when touched it can be a health concern when inhaled. So, take the necessary precautions and all will be fine.

And on a final note, when it comes to the upkeep and maintenance of your doll, The thing to remember is that prevention is better than an intervention, so makes sure you put petroleum jelly a few times a month on any area that is used frequently or involves any stretching and bending such as the armpits elbows, knees, vagina and anus to keep the TPE supple and bendy and prevent your doll from breaking in the first place.

Here are a few videos of the best videos from around the web to give you a better idea of how to repair your doll
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