August 30, 2019

Is A Lack Of Emotion An Issue When Having Sex With A Sex Doll Or Is It The Ultimate Advantage?

man dont need emotional sex

Is a lack of emotion an issue when having sex with a sex doll or is it the ultimate advantage?

While mainstream norms push for the idea that sex is usually something that needs to be tied to intimacy and emotion, that isn’t necessarily rooted in reality for most, especially men.

While men do sometimes want emotion went it comes to sexual experiences with women, 99.9 percent of the time they don’t, and would just like to unload without dealing with that part of the equation.

The emotional aspects of sex tend to be something that most men grow out of past a certain age, especially once their hormones settle. There is no doubt that younger men are more emotional and do seem to seek more emotional experiences with females, but even then, the instinct for casual sex with no strings attached far outweighs any need to be cradled in some bitches’ arms.

How many times has a man had sex with a woman, and once the event was completed, he wished she would instantly disappear from beneath him, rather than have to deal with her.

The exception to this would maybe be males that are high in estrogen levels and have bitch titties. and with the toxic environment, we live in and the crap food we eat this is more common than ever before. This is why we are seeing a greater rise in emotional men seeking emotional experiences with women. But sick men should not be the benchmark of a healthy sexual expression of male desires.

concerned by women feelings

Clearly, for healthy men, a lack of emotion in a sexual encounter is not an issue. That is not saying that they don’t need it, but that given the chance they would have no issues with unemotional sex and would actually prefer it.

For women the emotional component of sex is a much bigger factor when trying to have sex. for the most part, women need the emotional aspects of the sexual experience as much as the physical ones and there is a good reason for that. having a man get emotional and pair bond is of great advantage in securing access to his resources and long-term provisioning. There is no way she can take all his money a few years down the line if she doesn’t get him hooked in the beginning

As soon as you have married her, you get to meet the real her

but there are very few advantages on the male side of the equation since a woman can provide nothing to a man that he can’t provide for himself. In fact, in most cases, it is nothing more than trouble, leading to poor decision making and poor future decisions.

How many guys, once past their emotional bitch stage, have come to regret the decisions they made when dealing with girls, like getting married to a stupid bitch or worse having a child with one that you didn’t want. Once you make those kinds of mistakes there is no easy way out other staying broke so that there is no money to take from you.

Most men would benefit from having purely unemotional sex and staying rational when it comes to women. Picking them based on their potential qualities rather than their feelings. And since modern women have very few qualities, having a sex doll makes much more sense. She will at least have the quality of knowing how to shut her mouth.

No more need to waste precious money on duct tape

Men do not need or want emotions when they are having sex. it is purely instinctual and passes as soon as they unload their load. Like the passing of a sickness that suddenly clears.

Proof off this fact is the way that homosexual men engage in the sexual act. It is purely casual when they want it, and nothing more to it than that. It’s just an act that needs to be done, and once done is quickly forgotten.

Of course, women are capable of unemotional sex, and most engage in it frequently with the decline of western culture, lowering of expectations of their behavior, and the advancements of sex apps. But of course, they don’t really want the average guy knowing that, and will be the first to claim that having sex with a doll is not the same as the real thing because she won’t provide you with any emotion.

There is nothing but upside to a sexual experience without emotions for men. in fact, the ultimate lifestyle for most men would be a homosexual one with women, but since that’s not possible, you can either go gay, submit to women’s needs, or buy a top-shelf sex doll and have your way with her as u please without the need for all those strings attached.

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