November 28, 2019

Men Are Creating Deep Fakes Of celebs And Ex-girlfriends To Have Virtual Sex With Using VR And Teledildonics And Women Are Scandalized

3D renderings of a celebraties and girlfriends

Motherboard, a sister company of the fake edgy media publication vice went undercover to discover the world of VR Porn and virtual sex games utilizing deep fakes of people’s favorite celebrities, ex-girlfriends, and female companions and were unsurprisingly scandalized given their feminist leanings…

The whole article is very much of the tone that men using this tech are perverts… And fail to mention that this technology could also be used by women to create deep fakes of men they know, or deep fakes of themselves to deceive men and profit from it. But of course, that would not be an issue since these things only go one way…

The undercover investigators (Stupid uni-bitches) claim that more and more men are now making 3D rendering of celebrities, ex-girlfriend and females they are familiar with using images uploaded to companies and software applications that can recreate anyone in a digital form with an exact likeness using just a few photos.

Deep fake nude images and videos have been something that has been happening for a while and just got a lot more popular ever since VR porn became a thing and virtual sex games integrated with it for you to upload them and give you the ability to have virtual sex with anyone you like using your Teledildonic.

But this is nothing shocking and it is only to be expected that men would want to go beyond regular porn and introduce a more personal element into their virtual sex lives.

While this can maybe be seen as a step too far by scandalized publications such as vice and of course every woman in the west, there is no way to stop this from happening. With the advent, of deep fake technology going mainstream and getting into the hands of the everyday person with cheap software such as deep nude, this type of thing will replace regular porn and everyone will have a digital sex video somewhere online.

The central issue seems to hang on the fact that these images and videos are being made without the consent of the women involved. basically, a form of virtual rape. women are claiming that men are using their likeness to violate them, and of course, it’s – every modern woman’s favorite word – “creepy.”

But the question is what constitutes someone’s identical likeness or just someone that looks similar?

The reality is that Even if someone claims you have used their likeness, only a slight modification would solve the issue and ensure that you have not really done so since to what degree does a person own their own likeness. no matter what somewhere someone will be your exact match and this would cause all kinds of tangles over who that digital rendering really resembles.

No women’s appearance is that exceptional and neither does it belong to her alone since most people do all resemble each other, there is only so much variety in the human gene pool, especially in certain continents.

If Kim Kardashian patents her likeness and you happen to very much resemble her, does she then own your likeness also? if you cannot recreate renderings of female celebrities or women you know can you recreate them from women who happen to resemble them identically, and do lend their likeness… the variants on these kinds of arguments go on and on.

And on a side note, given the degree that modern women are getting plastic surgery to all look like each other and all have the same face, any woman could claim that some other woman has stolen her face and had it created by a surgeon. so, this could go beyond the virtual world and enter the real world. women will be suing each other over who stole whose face.

One of the other major issues being put forward is that men are using this technology to recreate celebrities that they are attracted to, to enact their sexual fantasies.

It is claimed that celebrities such as Emma Watson are being recreated digitally and downloaded millions of times for guys to have their way with.

Firstly, it is surprising that a woman as mediocre in appearance as Emma Watson has anyone trying to turn her into a Deep fake, but I guess that just being on tv makes her attractive, and most men like what they are told to like.

And secondly, the fact that men get sucked into this worship of female celebrities that are only slightly above average says a lot about the situation that men find themselves in in the west.

When men have options, they don’t waste their time fantasizing over celebrities and engage with real women. but with the current levels of scarcity of attractive young women who aren’t fat and masculine, this kind of behavior becomes all too common.

Modern female celebrities put their bodies out there so much these days, it’s hard to see how they could be even mildly concerned by this type of situation.

We are not in the era of puritan modesty where celebrities display themselves in dignified conservative ways, and they should not act like this is something that violates them when they all have actual real photos of themselves online with their tities and vaginas hanging out for the whole world to see that guys have been jerking off to for years.

In any case, there have always been porn videos with women resembling famous female celebrities playing the role of the real women with slightly modified names as a tell-tell sign of who it was you were supposed to be jerking off to, and there was no issue there. so, the only reason that I can imagine that this would now become an issue is that celebrities are pissed that they won’t be able to cash in if there are free downloads going around online for anyone to enjoy.

Another worry is that these deep fake videos and images will be used to blackmail or ruin women’s lives and should be ban to protect them. this becomes almost laughable since almost all women these days have a sex video somewhere of them online and should be more worried about something like that turning up rather than someone posting a deep fake video on her Facebook time lime.

A much more interesting situation will be when men take these 3D recreations and use them to have sex dolls and sex robots made of celebrities and regular women with their exact likeness and dimensions. that will be the point we move from the virtual and theoretical to something far more real.

With sex dolls already being made to recreate the appearance of porn stars and virtual characters from movies, it is an inevitability that people will also ask to have dolls made of celebrities and real women they know. And to be honest it’s already happening!

It’s only a matter of time before some guy gets put in jail for rape because he got caught having sex with a doll that resembles some woman he knows without her consent.

Virtual rape will be the next frontier on the war on men

All kinds of new jail cells will need to be built up to put these perverts away.

In reality, this has no real-world consequences given the state of things at present with modern women and their online activities. when most of the internet constitutes women putting themselves on display in hypersexualized ways on dating apps and porn sites, adding a few fake variants of these same women into the mix isn’t much of a concern.

This type of technology would have been much more interesting pre-internet when female nudity was worth something and we were not constantly inundated with images and videos of women butt naked all day long. The truth is that all vaginas pretty much look the same and they are not much to look at.

We are heading into a world where everyone will have a naked sexualized version of themselves somewhere online, and it’s only a matter of time that women themselves embrace this technology to create fake nudes and sex videos of themselves, just as they use applications to create fake photos of themselves to trick men on dating apps and Instagram.

This is the perfect technology for circumventing their need to get their fat asses down to the gym, and you can be sure they will be using it. Men are just the early adopters of this stuff.

If guys were already tired of turning up and being disappointed that she doesn’t look like what she does in her pictures, expect this situation to only get much worse with deep fake videos. This will probably lead to many men finally taking the leap and getting into sex dolls rather than put up with the level of deception that is on the way.

Eventually, all women will be using this technology and in much worse ways than just jerking off.

Vice will soon be making documentaries about how deep fake is empowering women by allowing them to make a shit ton of money by tricking stupid men into sending them cash for fake nudes of themselves over the internet.