Middle Aged Women That Are Hitting The Wall Are Now Buying Up Male Sex Dolls

death becomes her - middle aged women

Many of the leading sex doll and sex robot retailers in the west are seeing a surge of older female customers in recent years with the raising awareness that these are not the male blow-up dolls of the past and are so close to being human it’s like something out of Westworld.

While the average customers of sex dolls are still mostly males it is now becoming increasingly common to see older women that can’t get male attention anymore to seek out these realistic sex dolls. there is a surge in demand for both male and female dolls from both straight and lesbian women that are looking to find sexual outlets once they become super ugly and their options have run dry with real people that they find desirable.

This is mostly being dressed up as women seeking companionship, rather than sex because even in this empowered world it can’t just be what it’s about. this is also a play to handle the inevitable double standards that will become more prevalent as sex dolls hit the mainstream and more men begin to forgo women altogether and go fully digisexual, and get shamed for it.

When a man buys a sex doll it’s just about sex, and it will turn him into a rapist that objectifies women. when a woman buys a sex doll it’s about companionship and how men in society won’t grow up and accept her now that she’s hotter with age…

This is one of the many notions that is thrown around to get sex dolls ban or keep men in line and on the plantation, but this will be a tricky line for the media and women to stick to if sex dolls see a rise in popularity with female consumers, and will help in dispelling the propaganda that sexbots are only for incels and lonely old men.

A stereotype designed to keep you away from the wonders of modern hyper-realistic sex dolls

Retailers are claiming that the average age of the women who are interested in purchasing sex dolls usually ranges from between 35 to 50 years old, and most of them seem to request male dolls, but there is also a substantial demand for female dolls.

So most of the demand is coming from a mix of older women that can’t get the high-value men they desire, even with the crazy levels of thirst out there, and lesbian women that are hitting the wall and can’t get young women to sleep with them – I guess because lesbians are attracted to a youthful feminine form, just as men are, and most older women in the west are hyper-masculine and look like a Cro-Magnon by the time they hit their mid-20s.

Hyper-Realistic Male Sex Doll

While it may come as a surprise to most people that women would now be seeking out sexy dolls, especially in an age where she can just light up her phone and have a thousand guys talking to her at any given time, it is quite simple to explain.

Most women approaching their mid-30s, and honestly mostly well before that, come to find out what it’s like to live in a world were getting sex with someone you are attracted to is quite difficult, especially when the top tier of men have endless young hot chicks to match on dating apps.

They are now thrust into a world not too dissimilar to that of an average man and experience what it’s like to not have many options that interest you.

The female hive mind maybe smart and attempt to combat this fact with constant propaganda that women only improve with age just as a man does, in an attempt to confuse men’s natural instincts, but the impact of this is still real and felt no matter what they say.

Of course, even the worst of women can get sex from the best of men by making it as easy as possible, but even modern women haven’t hit the point yet of putting up absolutely zero obstacles and regard themselves as being worthy of at least a bullshit Starbucks coffee no matter how far past their prime they are, and that is enough of a barrier to putting most high-value men off.

An old Chinese proverb states that while a man matures with age a woman only rots.

Women’s expectations of what they can get are sky high and do not match reality, so they are turning to sex dolls and sex robots to meet their needs and have their ideal sexual partner created, just as men are doing with women. the only difference is that while men seem content with buying regular dolls that just simulate the female appearance, women are forking out far more and spending in excess of 15,000 dollars for some of the most advanced sexbots yet created.


The only issue is that while a man is mostly stimulated by the visual aspects of a woman that can easily be replicated nowadays, a woman is also seeking a provider as well. so, until sex robots can get up and go to work and pay for her to get even fatter and uglier, she won’t be fully satisfied.

But who knows, maybe all this new-found demand will be the catalyst for massive advancements in the field of robotics and will lead to us having fully autonomous robots that can fulfill all our needs above and beyond just sucking our dicks, and will also get up and go to work so that we can stay home and chill on the internet.

With the average cost of a premium sexbots so high at present, especially ones with basic AI and facial expressions, it is not hard to imagine that most of the demand is coming from professional women that have drank a strong dose of that feminist cool-aid and dedicated their life to their careers and probably have quite a substantial amount of money to spend since they have no children.

And with so many of these women going around nowadays all this influx of money can only be a good thing for helping speed up the progress of sex robot technology, and benefit men in the long run.

This might be one of the few times in recorded history where men get the long end of the stick when it comes to women and money.

While personally I believe that sex dolls will lead to a much greater improvement in the wellbeing of men on this planet and will help alleviate a lot of the misery that is caused by a scarcity of sex, I also recognize that many women have issues around sex as they age and is a problem that needs to be resolved also.

This new-found demand will only help improve the speed of technological development and the quality of the dolls available as a whole, and it should be seen as a good thing that women have moved on from shaming men for enjoying sex dolls and have decided to join them in this great new frontier.