South Korean Women Take Aggressive Action To Block Their Competition From Displacing Them.

angry Korean girl

South Korean women have had a petition to ban sex dolls reach 250,000 signatures in an attempt to block them from entering the country illegally.

A petition demanding a ban on life-size sex doll imports to South Korea has amassed a quarter of a million signatures – passing a threshold that requires the president’s office to respond to the matter.
While sex dolls are not illegal in South Korea, government customs agencies had blocked their import under a law that restricts materials that “corrupt public morals.”

The controversy comes as new dolls are being made to replicate the likeness of many k-Pop stars, and have been met by a high volume of demand from men in the country, that have realized just how lifelike modern dolls are.

South Korean women are claiming that men will become more sexually aggressive and violent if they use these dolls and that they must be banned to prevent a rise in sex crimes against women. And probably some shit about kid-sized dolls also….

Of course, everyone knows that men only get violent towards women when they have a lack of access to sex and even that is mostly overblown.

Most modern men these days are so emasculated that even looking a woman straight in the eye is considered supreme alpha behavior.

This situation is the exact opposite, sex dolls will only make men even more passive and less likely to even approach a woman in a bar, let alone jump her in a back alley with a ski mask on.

this guy needs to check out some of the dolls available at JoiMachine before he does something crazy!

This is just a case of South Korean women attempting to cock-block their competition and maintaining their social value.

All women instinctively know that their vegina is their only value despite what they like to tell themselves otherwise, and restricting its access to average men is the only way for them to have any power in society.

On top of that, sex dolls threaten to destabilize modern Korean society, which has adopted all the most vulgar aspects of the west and depends on men being willing to work and consume to impress women for access to their pussies.

There will be little motivation for men to get up every morning and jump through hoops once all their sexual needs are easily met.

Expect a mass checking out of the males from society, Because No man really wants to wake up and go to work every day to make sure he has enough money to buy this season’s trendy clothing at the mall. And this undermines the foundations of all the progress they have made economically,

The reason we are seeing this appear first in South Korea is that for a while now most Korean women have been in an arms race with robot females without even knowing it.

already looking better than the real thing!

The amount of surgeries per capita in the nation is staggering, if not completely universal and most seem to be done with the intention of making them look like beautiful sex dolls while having the collateral effect of making them also have very robotic facial expressions.

Modern sex dolls are already far more expressive than the average women in Korea and this will only improve further with time.

Add to this the fact they are not having children, and this makes their role a purely hedonistic and physical one, and far easier to replace. We are still some way of creating an artificial womb, but an artificial pussy is no problem at all.

This means Korean women are going to be the first to feel the full effects of the sex robot revolution as well as the first to be fully replaced.

There is no reason anymore for Korean men to deal with the risks associated with dealing with normal women such as catching STDs, pregnancies, false rape claims, using condoms and having to pay the bill for bullshit coffees at Starbucks, when they can just log on to JoiMachne and purchase the girl of their dreams.

You can understand why Korean women are signing petitions to block this inevitable progress from happening. This will render them as completely irrelevant as a piece of old technology no one uses anymore.

Believe me, It won’t be long before these women are hitting the streets protesting, and even rioting, Because when it comes to women, There is no limit to what they will do to maintain control over men.

The arms race between women and sex robots has only just begun, and Joi Machine will do everything it can to help the innocent men of Korea get their sex doll revolution, and break free from the misery of having to dress up and act like pussies just to get laid.