No More Wars – Means Too Many Men – Means Not Enough Women To Go Around

not enough wars means to many men

No more wars – means to many men – means not enough women to go around

Throughout history, wars have been commonplace and served many purposes, but one of the central ones was thinning the herd and removing an unnecessary excess of men from the gene pool.

While many men dying in needless wars was never a good thing it did have its upsides. Currently, we have too many men on this planet. The ratios of men to women are completely skewed and there are now more men then there are women. This is mostly due to the fact that thanks to technology there is unlikely to be any wars any time soon and no way to rebalance the equation by having men die on mass.

The World Health Organization says the natural sex ratio at birth is about 105 boys to every 100 girls and its best to have equal numbers of men and women in society. You need a few extra boys for balance because men die earlier.

But since men aren’t dying anymore, and all men from cradle to the grave are going after the same few young women, this creates massive pressure on society, as inevitably, many will miss out no matter what.

There just isn’t enough pussy to go around for everyone to get some. Let alone top shelf pussy.

And this is only worsened by the fact that in China and India the ratios are even more skewed because of the practice of selecting male children over female ones. unless a large percentage of these men go gay there are likely to be many of them getting seriously restless.

With so many men going after so few women, it creates a situation that is not sustainable. Eventually, it will come to ahead, as many men can’t get their needs met. A lot of young men that can’t get laid won’t lead to anything good, other than mass aggressions and hostility unless of course, they have been putting shit in our food to turn us all soft and docile.

The phenomena of young men shooting up random places are just the first sign of what happens when there is no hope for them to get action with the opposite sex or the sense that competition is too great. things boil over, and people get killed, and this was all so preventable. you don’t see too many headlines about guys getting too much pussy shooting up random schools now do you

And worse still there are the secondary effects that this shift has had on society as a whole. Women naturally respond to incentives and gone are the days of the pleasant and pleasing female with the unlimited supply of males available to them. why would they be pleasant when they have no need to be? Modern women are rude, obnoxious, aggressive and generally out of control.

Compare modern women to those of the past. Turn on any tv show, movie or music video and watch what was popular 30 years apart and be shocked at the changes.

A lack of sexual options for men can only lead to an eventual state of unrest as tensions spill over and turn to aggression. You only have to see what happens in the middle east, where most men have no access to women due to the fact that a small few monopolize what’s available through polygamy.

The options for giving marginalized men access to sex are few and far between, given that prostitution is illegal, and even if it was legalized, with most women wanting to do stupid jobs, it is unlikely to do much to get them to take up the activity while they are young and desirable.

Prostitution In the West

Sex dolls will inevitably be the only way to plug the hole left in the sexual market place and prevent mass unrest by disenchanted men that feel they have no way of getting access to young females. Given that modern sex dolls are more lifelike than ever before and only improving in terms of quality and functionality this solution is the only one that makes sense.

While sex dolls can’t reproduce, most men don’t want to, and many more don’t need to. Having sex will stimulate the effects of attempting to reproduce and quell their anger since not many men actually have sex with the intent of reproducing, and this only being an unwanted byproduct of the activity. And anyway, this could also be framed as being good for the planet since apparently, we are overpopulating it.

Eventually, governments themselves will have to step in and subsidies the purchase of realistic sex dolls or risk unrest, just as they are now starting to subsidize prostitution in many countries. This would also be just another way to keep the masses of men docile, compliant and non-threatening to their position of power. no government would stand in the way of that, and I am expecting a call from major heads of state any time soon.

All these issues mean that extra demand for alternatives to real women will only accelerate the progress of sex dolls and sex robots, and will bring about a bright future for men.

For those that are already suffering, there is no need to go on that way, instead of going on a mass shoot out, check out our latest dolls and relieve yourself today.

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