Sex dolls Are So Lifelike In 2019 That They Even Fool The Police

A few weeks ago, Police responded to reports of the discovery of a dead body by local residents in the city of Kelowna, Canada, only to be disappointed that on closer inspection, it was a sex doll.

Princeton RCMP breathed a sigh of relief, momentarily, when they discovered that the suspected “dead body” wrapped in a tarp was merely a life-like sex doll missing its head.

This discovery, made at Manning Park July 10, led police to uncovering two other sex mannequins, as well as the head from the original doll, nearby.

RCMP received a call – a report of a dead body at the park – at about 7:30 p.m.

“We located a blue tarp that appeared to have a body in it, laying face down,” said Corporal Chad Parsons.

When the responding officer lifted the tarp to examine the find, he realized the “body” had no lower legs and there were metal joints attached.

Parsons noted the head of the doll did not appear to have been chopped off, rather it seemed to have fallen off when the mannequin was dumped

Luckily for the police, they stumbled across an older model of sex doll, otherwise, with the quality of the newer dolls available, they would have had to have performed a full autopsy to figure out it was not a real woman.

Whoever did it must have seen the latest models available on Joimachine and decided to dispose of his current doll for a newer one which will satisfy his needs in a superior way.

This was clearly an older, cheaper model of sex doll due to the fact that utilized harsh mechanisms like metal joints to attach the body parts together.

Modern dolls are made from TPE and attach together seamless creating a body that is as flexible as a real body while being able to be moved into positions older ones couldn’t.

This story only highlights the convenience of owning a sex doll over real women. When it comes time to upgrade, you can just dump the body in the woods and get a newer version.

While I’m happy to find out that the people in Canada are discovering just how life-like sex dolls can be, I just wish they had seen the quality that is now available in 2019, rather than an outdated model.

Hopefully, this will help propel sex dolls into the mainstream in Canada, and replace women over there as soon as possible, since Canadian women are the most unpleasant women of them all, and the men over there must all be suffering.