Sex Robots Are The Only Solution To Preventing More Mass Shootings In The USA

Killer robots

If we can learn anything from the latest shootings that have happened in the USA it is that incels are now a major segment of western society and a solution needs to be found to prevent this from spilling over into a mad max scenario.

For those that still don’t know incels are men that are involuntarily celibate. The word is a combination of both involuntary and celibate, and would be hearing a whole lot more about it in the coming years as 90 percent of men will fall into this category thanks to dating apps and social media.

Incel O.Gs

Both shooters are being referred to as incels by the media which only highlighting the mainstream nature of the issue.

Of course, this instantly gets labeled as a gun issue, yet in many other countries that have guns widely available, you don’t have this kind of situation happening every month.

You don’t see guys shooting up shopping malls in Brazil, and that could be due to the fact that there are skank whores selling their bodies on every street corner and Brazilian men have amazingly low standards. But so far it’s localized to the USA which is always at the forefront of change.

9 out of 10 women in brazil have STDs

America doesn’t have a gun problem, it has an out of balance sexual market place problem. And it’s time for people to start thinking about realistic solutions rather than ones that make no sense like taking everyone means of protection away Or lining the streets with low-quality hookers with STDs.

Both these guys had issues with women that is clear. One was caught up in a love triangle and is used as a beta pillow for an out of control attention whore who used him as her vanity mirror.

While the other clearly seemed to voice his sexual frustrations online, while also not seeming to have any kind of girlfriend, as we would have heard from her immediately so that she could get her 15 minutes of fame.

No one can deny that one of the most dangerous things that a society can have is a large young sector of males without a sexual outlet. While prostitution would be the logical way to handle this situation, it is not legal in most of the west and not likely to be any time to as women regulate the sexual market place and restrict any easy access to vagina so as to keep men on a leash.

A future without a technological solution

In China, they have a similar issue due to the one-child policy. The Chinese government knows that this is a future issue and that they can’t depend on the fact that Chinese women put out real easy forever, and have been working on speeding up the production of sex robots.

While modern sex dolls aren’t at the level of the ones seen on TV shows such as Westworld, they are only getting better and better and would fool most people nowadays.

when modern women with their mobile phones are no better than a doll anyway, why would men want to put up with all the downsides when there is now a clear and viable option available?

There are 3 ways this can go.

  • Legalize prostitution while also banning women over 30 from doing it so that we don’t have a market flooded with undesirable females.
  • Ban all women from having mobile phones, therefore removing the negative effects apps like tinder and social media, in general, have had.
  • Or subsidize sex dolls and robots like china is doing.

It’s time for western governments to step up and look to new technologies to solve this issue and stop pretending this will be resolved by banning guns because this issue isn’t just about shot ups by beta males at shopping males, its an issue that will spill over into all aspects of society.

Trump needs to take a look at the latest catalogue of dolls available on JoiMachine and make a wholesale order immediately or this shit will only keep happening.

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