September 8, 2019

Top 10 Most Requested Female Video Game Characters That Men Want Made Into Sex Dolls

sex doll barbie

With so many men inquiring about sex dolls based on famous female video game characters, we reveal the 10 most requested. With the way, sex dolls are manufactured and customized nothing stands in the way of finally getting the girl of your dreams, even if it is based on a virtual character in a video game.

Lara Croft

It’s no surprise that Lara croft is first on the list, being that she is the original hot babe of video gaming. Many men grew up playing with her on screens and now would like to do the same in real life. Since 1996 there have been many incarnations of the character, and it would be hard to say which variation would be the most popular but surely the original Lara was the best of all, big boobs, toned legs and a face to kill. its only to be expected that she is the most requested video game character to be made into a sex doll. hopefully she won’t come with the annoying British accent!

Chung Li

The original female character from street fighter, Chun-li, is another top choice to be turned into a sex doll. Known for her large thighs and beautiful face she is something only the virtual world could dream up. As nice as Chinese girls are, most of them lack much leg development, which is something Chun-li has in abundance. She is clearly a character that takes her kicking and squatting seriously. There have been many incarnations of the character over the years with varying degrees of change in her thigh size and musculature, but surely the original version is the best.

Jill Valentine

Another classic Game delivers a hottie that every man wanted to get with whilst killing zombies in resident evil. While modest in appearance, she is a classic character, and her appeal is undoubted. she might not be as physically developed as Lara croft or Chun-li, but her appeal lies more in the fact that she is that girl next door who manages to be cute and dangerous all at the same time. The model, Julia Voth was used as the character model for the subsequent iterations of Jill in the resident evil universe, and who knows, she might even lend her likeness when it comes to creating a sex doll of the character.


As the video game world’s most beautiful princess it is no surprise that many men would love to run through a quality girl like Zelda. Sadly reality doesn’t tend to create women of such quality and it would be impossible to find a girl of equal beauty in the real world. Everyone remembers playing the original games on the Nintendo and many men developed a desire for Zelda herself. No longer is it just a dream to have sex with Zelda, now you can have her created, deliver to your door and you can finally play with her as you have always wanted to over the years without Link in the way cockblocking.

Princess Peach

Princess Peach, the original damsel in distress and hot chick that no one thought would come to be made real, but finally can be. It’s no surprise that Mario was always acting a complete beta and trying to rescue her, given the level of beauty she was. It is hard to tell under the dress what kind of body she might have, but personally I would have her made with a big ass since she looks to be the type to carry a bit more weight in her thighs as most princesses are always well fed.

Sonya Blade

Mortal combat babe Sonya Blade is another female character most guys would lust over while selecting her to fight it out to the death with Subzero and Scorpion. Lean but muscular, she still has all the right proportions and doesn’t lose any of her femininity for it. Recent iterations of the character have diminished her appeal somewhat, but in the original versions of the game, she was great looking, and is another icon of the video game world many men would have no problem getting into a tussle with, especially in bed.

Samus Aran

The Metroid stuna no one knew was a hottie till much later into the characters development. she is another dream girl we want to see made. Personally I would have my doll made based on the super smash brothers version, but I would expect most to go for the more classic look she had in the 90s. Many have a lot of nostalgia attached to playing the original games and will want to revisit some of those positive feelings inside her.

Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII)

Another cult classic game that created a cult classic cyber pin-up girl. A Japanese beauty without parallel that everyone was falling in love with whilst playing the game. It’s no surprise, with the fanfare surrounding this title, that many want to see this character turned into a sex doll. all those herbivore men in japan will no longer be alone once this one hits the market. Tifa will save japan from the incel apocalypse, just as she stopped Gaia from being destroyed in final fantasy VII.

Isabella”Ivy” Valentine (Soulcalibur)

They don’t make women like this in real life. tall, sexy and muscular, yet still feminine. the only way you could find a body like that on a real woman would be on a female bodybuilder using steroids who has developed a masculine face and needs to shave in the morning. She was one of the most popular characters in the classic game Soulcalibur, and many guys chose her not just to play with, but to ogle. Now you can go beyond just ogling and actually start touching, and even penetrating.

Ada Wong (ResidentEvil)

Another resident evil character that is just too sexy to be confined to the screen. Resident Evil 2 was her first appearance in the franchise and since then guys have been dreaming of getting with her. In the live-action movie she was portrayed by the actress li Bingbing, but in my opinion, this was a subpar choice and she was not hot enough for the role. Either way, this is Another Asian beauty that will now be able to service your needs as she was supposed to.