Top 13 Reasons Every Man Needs A Sex Doll

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Women are unreliable

Whether you are dating or are in a relationship everyone knows that women can be extremely unreliable when it comes to sex and can cause a lot of frustration. Gone are the days when being in a relationship with a woman guaranteed sex. she can hold out on you any time she wants and there is nothing much you can do about that nowadays. there is no way for you to force her since, that can somehow be labeled rape, and end up in jail, even though you are married or in a relationship with the woman. One thing is for sure, Your sex doll will never refuse you sex.

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Women have STDs

Women’s vagina is like a suction cup for STDs that are fast becoming antibiotic-resistant. With the rate at which women are racking up a body count these days, it’s safe to say that the vast majority of them have some sort of gift to give you if you ever get the idea that having sex with a condom is completely lame. is it really worth risking death by super gonorrhea? Sex dolls are completely STD free, so you can save on your condom budget.

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Women can sue you

It used to be that getting married was the only way for a woman to take everything you have and leave you living in the streets as she spent your inheritance money traveling around – eat pray love style – gathering a portfolio of STDs from around the globe. Now even smart guys are getting their lives ruined for simply making the mistake of living with a woman, rendering the whole endeavor a dangerous one for all men. If you need to keep a woman around, make it a sex doll. she won’t eat all your food and shit everywhere and will maintain her good looks forever.

Women make fake rape claims

Back in the day, the definition of rape was a guy jumping a woman in a dark alleyway with a ski mask on. The modern definition of rape is that you looked at her the wrong way, or accidentally brushed your hand against her in a busy subway. everyday guys are having false rape accusations thrown their way and having their whole life ruined even when the whole thing gets proven to be a hoax. Your sex doll will never cry rape no matter what you do to her, even if there are crazy women already trying to change that.

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Women stink

Women just stink. With all the cheap Chinese makeup they put on their faces, the cheap products in their hair, cheap food in their mouths and their STDs in their pussies, it’s not hard to imagine why they don’t smell like roses. Sex dolls, on the other hand, are odorless and easily cleaned. no one needs all those excessive smells in their life.

Women waste your time

If you have ever dated a woman then you know that there is nothing that is more of a waste of time then sitting and having a coffee or a drink with an idiot that has the IQ of a 5-year-old child. You wouldn’t go for coffee with a 5-year-old boy so why are you doing it with stupid girls. On top of that, you could easily spend hours drinking coffee with a bitch and still come up empty-handed. basically a complete waste of time.

If you are in a relationship with a real woman things are even worse as she will constantly be making you wait so she can spend just another hour looking at herself in the mirror – to make sure that when she goes out, she looks perfect for all the potential guys she is thinking about cheating on you with.

Save your precious time and get a sex doll and do more productive things with your life, the world is only getting more competitive.

Women cost money

A sex doll is a one-time investment that keeps on giving. you know the costs upfront, and know what you are getting involved with. once you have paid your done. The fact is that women cost a lot of money, even if at first its not apparent. Eventually, the bill slowly comes due, ask any man that has tried providing for one.

There is no end to how much a woman can consume, especially when someone else is paying for it. money is only becoming harder to come by so invest it wisely.

And if you think you are going to be one of the smart guys that avoid having to provide for a woman and only visit hookers, think again. The average cost of a prostitute is skyrocketing and rapidly reaching costs that are absurd as the value of pussy continually inflates.

When the cost of an ugly hooker starts being an average of 400 500 dollars a pop, maybe its time to start thinking about giving it a miss a few times and putting that money towards a doll that at the very least won’t be repulsed by you as you fuck her with a condom.

Richard Gere had to pay Julia Roberts 800 dollars for a night with her in 1990. Imagine how much that would cost now with the current rate of inflation.

Women have mental health issues

Modernity has made women mentally ill thanks to cell phones and Social media, while sex apps have turned them all into prostitutes for the elites and the sheiks in Dubai. on top of that, the workplace has turned them bipolar, as they have to pretend to be a strong woman by pretending to be a strong man. Half of all western women are on some sort of mental health medication to deal with this and that’s probably being underreported. Why put up with any of this when you can have a doll that looks much hotter and won’t wake you up in the middle of the night to take her medications.

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Women are boring

It’s not their fault but mother nature just made women boring. They are not interested in anything but themselves. They have no interest, no hobbies and no desire to learn anything other than how to post fake pictures of themselves on Tinder and Instagram. Most men already know this and if pressed will openly admit that if it wasn’t for trying to get laid, they would never talk to women ever again. Any man would rather no conversation, then one that bores them, and that is why sex dolls once again prove themselves to be superior to real women.

Modern Women’s asses are never as good as a dolls

The Modern woman lives on a chair, never moves, and never exercises. as a consequence of this, the female ass is now a thing that is rapidly going extinct. the female ass has now fused into the rest of the back, creating the phenomenon known as Assback. Soon just seeing a woman with a nice as will be as rare as finding one that has been with less than 20 guys. the only way for a man to experience the quality of ass that he is looking for, in the age of physical degeneracy, is with a sex doll.

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Fake boobs are revolting

fake breast is an eyesore that we have to put up with everywhere nowadays. Having bags of plastic hanging from under a thin layer of chest skin and ready to explode at any time should be illegal. And even if you are a man that thinks they look good, there is no denying that They feel fake, just like the ones on the sex dolls of old. On the other hand, modern sex dolls breasts not only look great but also feel like the real thing. Soon the only way to know what real breasts feel like will be when touching those of a modern sex doll.

Women can get pregnant

This might not be as much of a problem as in the past, since most women are infertile nowadays, due to their weight and diet issues, but it’s still a risk nonetheless. Do you really want to get into a situation where you are tied to a woman for the rest of your life just because you hate the way condoms feel when you have sex? Eventually, all men slip up, and having to pay for that mistake by having a child you didn’t want is harsh punishment, especially since sadly, you can’t just walk away anymore.

Modern women don’t reproduce

But just in case you are the kind of guy that does want to have a child, unless you have had the good fortune of being born in a place like sub-Saharan Africa, the chances are that most of the women you will encounter either don’t want to reproduce, or intend to do it so late in life that it essentially becomes impossible. A women central role is reproduction, not being a cum dumpster, but if that is all they want to be, then they can easily be replaced with any of the latest models of sex dolls on joimachine.

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