TOP 5 Asian Sex doll 2019

top 5 asian sex dolls

Asian beauty is undoubtedly sought after even on the western side of the world. Their fresh and innocent looking face and bangable body suit most men’s taste. Asian girls usually have a petite physique, but you’ll be surprised to know that there are voluptuous Asian beauties too. this list will help those that want to purchase an Asian sex doll but are overwhelmed by all the choice out there. Continue reading below and find out the Top 5 Asian Sex dolls of 2019.


Ai has such an innocent sweet face. You’ll be mesmerized by those brown eyes. She will make you feel more manly than any woman can.

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Devon is proof that Asians can be thick too. She is one of those hyperrealistic sex dolls in the market today.

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Akiko is one of those elite Chinese clan heiresses that wanted to break rules. She prefers rough sex.

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Aira is like a character right out from an anime or hentai episodes. Until she is a full sex robot she won’t be able to touch you sadly, but she is waiting for you to put your hands all over her.

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Risako is every guys’ Japanese porn Fantasy made a reality. Using a VR headset would make the experience even better.

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And the list goes on. There’s a lot to mention, but these top the list according to most guys. Of course, they are of the best quality and performance. You can also check out other choices that might better suit your liking here.

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