October 26, 2019

Top 5 Cosplayers That Need To Be Made Into Sex Dolls

cosplay girl

Costume play or best known as Cosplay, which was coined in Japan, is a showcase of art, fashion, and culture. People would make their own costumes and dress up as their favorite characters from anime, cartoons, video games, comic books or movies. For some, it might just be a hobby but there are people who do Cosplay as a way of life.

The competition was stiff, but we’ve come up with our list of hottest and sexiest Cosplayers on Instagram that we want to see turned into sex dolls in 2020.

Read on and find out who made the top 5.

Jessica Nigri

Jessica is an American-born Cosplayer from Reno, Nevada. Aside from Cosplaying. She is also a model, Youtuber, Voice actress, and Fan convention correspondent.

Tasha Cosplay

Oh Go-eun or widely known as Tasha Cosplay started cosplaying since 1999. This Korean cosplayer started it as a hobby for years and eventually formed the group Spiral Cats.

Katyuska Moonfox

Katyuska is born and raised in Brisbane, Australia. She started as an Instagram model and gradually became a cosplayer. She is known for cosplaying characters from popular online games and animes.


Linda Le aka Vampybitme, Vietnamese descent, is an American Cosplayer, model and internet personality. She is part of costume and armor-prop making group Team Matium Designs which was later renamed as Matium Industries.

Jannet Incosplay

Jannet Vinogradova is a Russian Cosplayer. Aside from cosplaying, Jannet is also passionate about Wig making.

Cosplaying is not an easy industry, especially when the competition is this tight. They have undoubtedly reached the top because of their hard work in their crafts, maintaining a beautiful figure and creating new ideas.

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