October 12, 2019

Top 5 Virtual Sex Games Of 2019 – Adult Gaming Has Never Been This Good

Virtual Sex games

Mainstream videogames are hugely popular with adult gamers but they don’t cater very much to the more essential needs of the human species. While shooting shit up and running down random strangers with cars is definitely fun, there is a clear lack of sexual entertainment in the sector, and considering most gamers are now fully-grown males, this needs to be rectified.

None of the major gaming studios have jumped into the adult gaming genre yet, even if second life does have some adult gaming aspects to it. but with the progress of gaming graphics, VR headsets, and teledildonics, it will only be a matter of time before they get involved and we see mega-budget games being developed around sex simulation.

For now, we will have to satisfy ourselves with the offerings of small gaming companies that are making headway in developing the genre and giving us a taste of what will be possible.

Here are the top virtual sex games of 2019


3dxchat is A massive multiplayer 3D virtual world sex game and community where you can wander around exploring different settings, co-mingle with other live players and have sex with real partners. Probably the best known and leading adult virtual sex game on the market.

This one has been around for years and has been consistently improved in terms of graphics and customization to give a more realistic experience. With some of the best graphics and player physics in adult gaming that were created using motion capture of real porn actors and actresses.

This game looks great from both a 3rd person and first-person perspective through your VR headset. You can explore the worlds available and chat by text or by voice with players from around the globe and find out whether they would like to get more personal with you.

Everything in this game can be customized, from the character’s appearance and clothing to your own personal location for inviting guests back to, allowing you to create the exact kind of experience you are looking for.  this game is fully integrated with fleshlight V-stroker, a device that allows your thrusting to be mirrored on-screen with your virtual partner creating an even more realistic feel to the game.

This is a pc-based game and works with an oculus rift. if you have the money to purchase an oculus rift and fleshlight V-stroker then this is a fun experience that is only getting better with each iteration.

The monthly membership costs 19.99$ a month and is a good deal considering the large size of its user base and the number of people you can interact with live at any hour of the day. The website features great support if you ever have any issues and All billing is 100 percent discreet.


XStoryPlayer is a story-based VR porn sex simulator game that is not just about getting in their quickly and running her through, this is a bit more challenging. The essence of the game is that you will need to set up a date and win her trust overtime to finally get the bang, not unlike the real world, only in this game the girls aren’t fat and ugly.

There are multiple story modes for you to choose from and play out and all of them are entertaining. The aim is to not get rejected and win the girl over, eventually having your way with her from a first-person perspective.

This is a PC game that utilizes the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headsets to give you that first-person VR perspective that makes you feel like you are right there with the girl as you try to win her over. The graphics and physics aren’t bad, but not top-notch, but what sets this game apart is the erotic story aspects that make you feel like you are actually trying to conquer a real woman, of course without all the hassle it would require in the real world.

With a one time cost of 18$ and subsequent upgrades costing an extra 9$, this is a great game for those that want to have a bit of fun with the VR headset on.

Sin VR

Sin VR is a cool hardcore virtual sex simulator that takes adult VR gaming to the next level. If punishing sexy girls from a first-person perspective is your kind of thing, then this is the game for you. With a gothic setting full of hot girls for you to get sadomasochistic with and play out your wildest fantasies, this is one that is getting a lot of hype and will only improve with time.

The graphics and physics of the game are impressive and quite detailed for a 3D sex simulator game, but the VR capabilities and touch controller usage are what really make this title stand apart, making you feel like you are right there in the room making these poor virtual girls beg you for mercy.

The game also comes with a whole host of parody characters that are close approximations to sexy female characters from tv shows like game of thrones and movies like the suicide squad.

It is available for PC with a PC compatible VR headset and android with google cardboard. It has a monthly subscription fee of 9.99$ a month. check it out here.

3D sex villa 2

3dsexvilla 2, the latest iteration of the popular sex game is a massive improvement on what came before, and you can tell that the team at thrixxx have tried to make a very realistic looking game here. The graphics are impressive and the physics and movements of the girls are as close to real-life as you will currently get in an adult game.

This game is designed as a first-person game for individual users, unlike 3dsexchat that is a multiplayer game that also has VR capabilities but don’t let that dissuade you from giving it a try. This is a seriously hardcore virtual sex experience with super sexy models that you can have your way with in almost any position imaginable. Customize your world and characters and role-play your wildest fantasies with what seems like an unlimited amount of options and variations.

A cool add-on to this game is the in-game editor that allows you to create the perfect sex scenes by getting all the right angles and positions to your liking, while also being able to film them and share them with the rest of the community in the thrixxx social media platform.

This one is only available on pc as of now. You can get the game for free and see what you think. there is also a 29.99 a month membership fee for those that want to go further and get unlimited access to the game.

Hentai 3D 2

Hentai 3d 2 is a game created by the same company that created 3D sex villa 2, and therefore very similar in character. The key differentiator here is that this is aimed at those that are fans of the whole hentai genre and want to create anime porn of their very own.

This game is fairly simple, it is a first-person player that allows you to create unlimited creations of down and dirty manga style sex scenarios. With a whole host of characters, locations, and customization options, there is no limit to what you can conjure up.

Just like in 3D sex villa 2 there is an in-game editor that allows you to create the perfect scenes and interactive stories from whatever position and angle you like. You can also share your videos and view other people’s creations in the thrixxx social network. The graphics and animation look great and for those that want to make their very own hentai creations, this is worth checking out for free here.