Unfunny Female Comedian No One Cares About Creates A Sex Doll Of Herself That Proves Women Can Be Replaced

Whitney Cummings sex robot

Unfunny female comedian no one cares about creates a sex doll of herself that proves women can be replaced

Whitney Cummings, a comedian no one has ever heard of until now, has decided to create an ultra-lifelike sex doll of herself to take on tour to show the world how women are treated as inanimate objects by men.

This is a clever attention-getting gimmick and will probably help her become better known since her comedy alone wasn’t able to do that. Despite not being very funny she at least has the ability to pick up on future trends.

The general jest of her comedy is that men out to get women at every turn. That #me to was the greatest thing that ever happened to the west. how men keep catcalling her, which I seriously doubt given the pictures I have seen of her, and how she hates it, which is code for, I wish men would actually do it to me. And all of the usual things we have all already heard.

whitney cummings sex robot

While I am impressed by the doll itself It is a tragedy that such a quality doll was made of such an ugly looking woman, but it only goes to show just close to the real thing we getting.

Hopefully when full AI integration happens the personality of these dolls won’t be as lifelike as their appearance and much more pleasant.

Seeing pictures standing side by side you would have a hard time telling which one was the real women and which one was the fake. But given that modern women in the west are now far closer to males then females it is fair to say that the only real women in this picture would be the doll.

This is clearly the future trend of the industry that actual celebrity’s, rather than fake ones, will license their appearance and have dolls created in their likeness to be sold online.

You will select your celebrity of choice, have the template purchased and emailed to the manufacturer, and 30 days later all your dreams will come true.

Once you’re tired of the celebrity you have purchased you can then trade it on the sex doll exchange with someone else who has another doll of your liking…

Scarlet Johansson head on a doll

Cummings goes on to claim that women shouldn’t be worried and that sex robot won’t replace them anytime soon…

But after having watched just 5 minutes of her one hour set, I can guarantee this comedy special will only hasten the replacement of women with ones that haven’t learned every talking point in the feminist manifesto and use every opportunity to make noise about it.

In the meantime why don’t you check out Lola? She is a real sweetheart. Hates to talk. Loves to have fun. And won’t cry rape the morning after.


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