Virtual Mate – What Is It And Why You Should Care

Virtual mate - adult sex game

Virtual mate is a virtual intimacy/sex game that comes with a teledildonic fleshlight that is creating quite a bit of buzz online recently with the news that it will be seeking to purchase the likeness of Kim Kardashian to star as one of its virtual characters you can have sex with in the game.

What is Virtual Mate?

It is essentially a sophisticated PC game that renders a life-like digital character for you to have sex with using their unique flashlight technology that syncs and transmits your thrusting and gyrating to your partner on screen.

The idea is that you can have sex with your ideal woman – created virtually, but based on the likeness of a real woman – and have her act and behave as you would like sexually, and have her feel and respond to every motion and sensation you create using your fleshlight in real-time.

You are basically fucking a virtual character using a fleshlight, and she can sense and react to what you are doing in real-time on-screen.

The game can also be played in VR mode creating an even more immersive experience.

This is basically similar to hooking up your headset to VR porn and synching your teledildonic fleshlight like the kirroo launch and having virtual sex. The big difference here is that it is with a virtual mate you can interact with rather than simply watching a video passively while your teledildonic does all the work.

The fleshlight that comes with the virtual mate is similar to the v-stroker, an attachment available for fleshlights that allows you to transmit your motions to a webcam girl using a remote dildo and have her fell what you are doing at a distance.

The v-stroker can also be used with characters in a virtual sex game such a 3DXchat allowing you to do the same with players you are having sex with on the screen.

Virtual mate has spent years getting the technology just right for the motions that you are creating with your fleshlight to be transmitted and reacted to on-screen by your virtual mate in real-time. this creates an immersive lifelike experience that so far is unparallel in the world of adult gaming.

Sadly, the fleshlight that virtual mate provides does not have the same capabilities of teledildonics such as kirroo Onyx or kirroo Launch which can transmit and simulate back to the viewer the thrusting sensations seen on-screen hands-free.

This would recreate an even more realistic experience as your character on screen would be able to control and transmit sensations to you as well as receive them. I am sure that this feature will be introduced in the future as the product progresses unless there are some patent reasons at play that will prevent this.

The computer graphics and realism of the characters are off the charts and created using technology that tracked the body and facial movements of real women that lent their likeness to the character on screen.

The plan is to bring out an unlimited set of characters for you to have sex with, and eventually purchase the likeness of celebrities to recreate them in a digital form for you to have sex with and finally bang that celebrity you have been secretly cyber stalking all these years.

Virtual mate has recently approached Kim Kardashian with a 1.5-million-dollar deal to sell her likeness to the company after initial users of the product and people looking to purchase the product requested her over 35 000 times in a month.

It is yet to be seen whether she allows this to go ahead but this is a trend that will be fairly common in the future and I would imagine that she would like to be at the forefront of what is likely to be a new frontier in not only the sex industry but also the entertainment industry as a whole.

Porn stars are already licensing their likeness to virtual sex games and sex doll manufacturers, and it will only be a matter of time before mainstream celebrities do the same thing

This project reminds me of the movie Simone, starring Al Pacino, in which utilizing new technology he is able to create a virtual actress from scratch and turn her into one of the leading female actresses in Hollywood.

The movie might not be well known because it wasn’t a great film, but it did seed the idea that in the future most actors and actresses will be replaced by virtual counterparts whether that be in regular movies or pornographic ones.

One of the main motivating drives in the movie is that Al Pacino is a great director who is failing because he is unable to get capricious actresses to play scenes the way he would like or how he intended, and out of exasperation gives the technology a try only to find it works out much better than the real thing.

This is similar to how men are tired of dealing with women and want to replace them with technology. hopefully virtual mate will take us some way to realizing that dream and be just as successful as Simone was in the movie at replacing real women.

Between virtual sex games and lifelike sex dolls, things are looking up for men worldwide.

The project is currently being funded with pre-orders on indie agogo and you can purchase one now to help the team continue their work on creating one of the most lifelike intimate sexual gaming experiences so far.

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