January 5, 2020

Why Picking Up On Women Has Become a Game Of Seriously Diminishing Returns – The Deck Is Stacked Against You – It’s Not Worth The Hassle

Picking up women is a game of diminishing returns

Given that it’s now 2020 it makes me look back and realize just how different the landscape for picking up women was in the early 10s.

There is no other way to say it other than things were just much easier

Women were nicer, more receptive and better looking — it was rare to ever see a girl with a shitty tattoo for example.

The atmosphere between men and women was far more positive, and everyone was a bit more naïve and less cynical.

But then came smartphones and everything started to change…

While smartphones might not be the sole reason picking up on women became difficult it is one of the main contributors

I remember the day I realized this was going to be a problem when I went to a night club that I would frequent regularly and suddenly realized most girls were not looking around trying to find guys in the club but had their heads all glued down on their phones looking for men outside also.

That was when things started to get seriously out of balance and women started having all the options

While the earlier days of the internet were good for men as it allowed men to exchange ideas and finally come to understand women and what they were up to, which obviously led to the pickup community.

The last 10 years where a disaster as technology seemed to become more accessible to the dumbest of the dumb and designed with women in mind.

Tinder, Facebook, and Instagram destroyed relationships between men and women and made it impossible for any kind of natural coming together to take place.

But in general, everything to do with women has been on a serious downward spiral for men the last decade

Between technology, feminism, globalization, the feminization of men, the masculinization of women, the obesity epidemic, Emma Watson… there isn’t much you can point to that has been positive for us.

The reality is that when it comes to sex women do all the choosing, but it was never like she had an endless set of options to choose from. But in the modern world women now have unconstrained access to infinite options with men.

Whereas back in the day a woman was limited by the men in her vicinity and the few guys who had the balls to physically approach her. Now she has losers on the other side of the planet who wouldn’t dare talk to her in real life, hitting her up and sending her money just because she has a vagina.

Now she is comparing you to every other guy on the planet.

And guess what?

A lot of them are better looking and have more money than you!

On a planet with 8 billion people does that surprise you?

And given they are just a few clicks away, always ready and willing to give her that attention and validation she craves above all else, even sex. Is it surprising that women’s attitudes have become so vulgar and unpleasant?

At any given moment, while you may be trying to work your magic and get yourself in there, there are 100s of guys sending her messages and any one of them could be a better option then you in her mind.

And the reality is that even if the guy happens to be in a 3rd world country, 3 layovers away if he appears hot or wealthy, she will perceive him as a better option then a realistic option standing right in front of her.

So, your value is now low

But her value is now sky high

Apps like Instagram have turned every average hoe into a superstar because every guy seems to be willing to like and follow any girl that is under the age of 90.

This has led to every girl now having a minimum of 10k followers on her social media complimenting her 24/7 and telling her that they would fuck her even if she guaranteed them a bad case of gonorrhea.

Add to that that every guy swipes right on every girl on tinder as a matter of efficiency, and she ends up always matching any guy she likes, this gives her an even more inflated sense of value.

As a man, you will never be able to compete with her or find some sort of balance no matter how hard you try to get your shit together, even if all the gurus promise you otherwise.

A lot of the advice and pick up material pushed on men these days is completely out of date because it was formulated in an era where all this was only just beginning. While it used to work, and still can now, the results you will get will be pathetic in comparison to what they would have been 10 years ago.

Back in the day just being half well put together and having a bit of balls and personality was enough to impress most women

But now unless you got all the latest fashion attire, tattoos all up your body, hair color, are a DJ and entrepreneur with hard talk that racks in mad figures and take selfies on a Lambo, all while looking like a Calvin Klein model on roids, you aren’t even on the starting line.

Question is, is it really worth dealing with these aggressive women with terrible entitled attitudes given the number of options they have and the amount of effort it takes?

Not shitting on those guys that are out there trying, but at some point, it becomes absurd. at what point do you start thinking about checking out?

And if you thought maybe you could escape this by running away to a foreign country, something that worked for a while, even that is over.

Globalization has turned everywhere into a shit hole for men and there is no place for you to run to anymore. What might have taken a decade to take hold in the west, can happen in a year in other countries? even if there are a few places left, by the time you get there this effect will be unfolding.

Everywhere is now a shit hole for men that want to get laid

But maybe you’re the kind of guy that is up for the challenge and hopes to take advantage of all these other guys checking out…

Just remember that while you are on your grind hustling 24/7 to make it maybe happen, while also working on getting super jacked in the Gym.

The average woman has to do absolutely nothing to live your dream life of having sex with whoever she wants whenever she wants, while you are desperately trying to get your shit together.

And no matter how many morning routines you do, meditation practices you pick up, or self-help audiobooks you listen to in your car on the way to the gym to stay positive, you know that this shit gets to you mentally in the end.

Men will try to console themselves with ideas of how women might have it good in the short term, but in the long run, they will hit the wall, and how men’s value lasts longer and they can out-compete them in the long run…

While this may have been true in the past it definitely isn’t anymore. Due to the supply and demand nature of the modern sexual market place a women’s wall isn’t 35 but more like 55 now.

On top of that young men are being conditioned by the media to perceive older women as attractive by constantly pushing the narrative that older women are better, and pairing young men with older female celebrities

Even princes now want to get with older women

The party actually goes on for far longer than it ever did before, and might actually never even stop!

If you don’t believe me put a granny picture on any dating app and see the response you get.

The level of thirst is so strong now, that even a grandmother is still in the game, and entrepreneur hunks with Lambos will be hitting her up for some fast action.

Basically, you are competing harder and harder for lower quality women, and unless you are the kind of guy that likes to work really hard for a low return on investment in a high-risk business, at some point somethings got to give.

is it really worth all the risk and hassle of trying to get laid in 2020?

The good news is that usually when the pendulum swings so far one way something comes out of the blue to swing it back in the other direction.

While you may be hoping that the solution may come in the form of a global cataclysm that resets everything back to zero, there is a more positive solution that is already here and will reverse this situation in the next few years.

Sex dolls!

Sex dolls are not what they use to be and are now as lifelike as any real woman you will come across.

People have had a negative image of what sex dolls look like ingrained into their minds by their predecessors the blow-up doll, but those days are long gone and modern sex dolls are indistinguishable from real women now. the only thing that sets them apart is that they are much better looking.

It is only a matter of time before the general public come to realize to what degree sex dolls have advanced and how they are now a real alternative to women, and getting better with every new release. And with robotics advancing at a furious pace it is only a matter of time before we see sex dolls transform into sex robots.

Add to this the fact that AI — the least important aspect of a sex doll, since fucking doesn’t require talking unless you are completely lame– is also progressing staggeringly fast, and unless it decides to exterminate us, it will give sex dolls intellectual capacities that would rival any real woman in the next few years.

The last decade might have been one of endless abundance for women, but the 20s will be a decade that is even better for us.

A new golden era is ahead and we can look forward to a better world for men.

Sex dolls and sex robots are the future and nothing can stop this coming revolution.