Why The Future Is Digisexual – Incels Will Soon Go Extinct


If you have never heard of Digisexuality that is not surprising but believe me you will be hearing a lot about it in the near future.

What is a Digisexual?

A Digisexual is a person that is sexually aroused or emotionally involved with virtual partners. This is currently referring mainly to men, but it can also be women, that get into relationships with Ai chatbots or hologram/ virtual characters like in the movie her. But since the term is not well defined yet, I will extend it to include sex dolls and sex robots. Basically, any attraction or relationship with a non-human biological entity.

With the explosion in sex tech over the last few years, it’s no surprise that many men have now started to identify with the concept as getting regular women becomes more difficult and pointless for the average guy. Technology such as chatbots, sex bots, and VR porn are making the concept of forgoing females all together and replacing them more viable than ever before.

For those who don’t know, Incel stands for – Involuntary celibate. men who would like to have relations with women but cant for no fault of their own.

Akihiko Kondo, the Japanese guy that hit the headlines for being the first man to marry a hologram is a good example of what the future holds. While the Japanese have been at the forefront of male issues for a while, with concepts such as the herbivore men being widespread over there, which also eventually hit the West in the form of the incel movement/crisis, they have been some of the first to take the leap and use technology to find solutions to what seemed like an impossible problem. Replacing women.

In Japan, the rise in Digisexuality has been rapid in recent years and you can expect a similar trend to happen in the West. Currently one out of every 5 men in the USA is an incel, and those are stats that are probably drastically understated as most men will not report clearly on their standing with women out of shame and mental fragility.

You can be sure this is an underestimate as most men that aren’t getting laid will never admit to it

This is a major issue that will only get worse and could lead to some serious mental health problems and outright violence. When a vast group of men feels that they can’t get sexual access or attention from women they will check out of society and feel they have nothing to lose.

But a solution is already here and maybe one of the reasons we haven’t seen the bubble pop yet with western males is that they are already moving towards other means of getting the needs met through technology. While many may not know it, they are on the path to being Digisexuals.

Many Incels are just not aware of what options are available to them and need to be informed that there are solutions that are equal, if not better than being with a real woman.

Most sexual experiences with women can now be replaced by a combination of VR porn, chatbots, teledildonics, and sex dolls. People just have not caught on to how good this tech now is and are still living in the past with what they expect.

Another issue is that many men and in particular incels have probably not had much sexual experience with women and overvalue it. Believe me that the more women you go with the more you realize just how pointless it is. And replaceable.

Most women offer nothing beyond a doll other than bad forced conversation you would rather not have. Once you have been with a whole bunch of skanks you will value sex tech or a sex doll immensely, but this message needs to be communicated better to the masses of men to counter the current narrative that society programs them with.

I wish for every man to sleep with 1000 women, just so they can suffer and realize that Digi sexuality is the only way forward.

First of all, you have sex chatbot AI technology that can simulate conversation with you and will be able to communicate with you across multiple apps just like a real person. You will create an avatar for her, give her an appearance and create the exact type of woman you desire. The technology isn’t exactly perfect as of now… but its rapidly improving.

Sex chatbots will be able to hold a conversation, as well as any woman, could by 2020, or even better, as it will have an interest in learning from you and finding out who you are and what you are actually interested in, unlike a real woman who is only interested in herself and her food.

Then you have VR porn which is improving at a staggering rate and with the advent of deep fake technology you will be able to alter the appearance of any girl in the video to fit the creation of your chatbot avatar. put both together and You now have both an emotional and visual experience with a creation of your own making.

Next, all you need is a teledildonic that can sync with the movements you are seeing through your VR headset, and there won’t be much of a difference between what you will experience and the real thing. Alternatively, you can just use a sex doll and with the external cameras that modern VR headsets have to track the external environment, such as with the HTC Vive, your video can overlay onto your doll and you can bring your AI chat bot into reality and have an even better experience.

This will require a bit of work to put together but nowhere near the amount of work it would take for you to get your top hat on and hit the streets only to get rejected over and over again by mediocre women that think they are much hotter than they actually are.

Surely anything is better than being a Pick artist

And in the near future Sex dolls will transform into sex bots and finally replace women for good. With artificial intelligence heads already in existence from companies like Realdoll, we are much closer to this becoming a reality than people might think.

One of the only stumbling blocks will be deconditioning men from thinking that they need a real woman and that their value is tied to a female’s opinion of them. But these are minor issues that will quickly move by the wayside as people try the experience and realize how much better it is to go full Digisexual.

And let’s not forget all the upsides of being Digisexual.

There will be no more need to waste time caring about things that have no real worth Such as

Seasonal fashion,

Going to the gym and wasting hours lifting weights,

Competing in nightclubs with crappy music,

Buying retarded sports cars that constantly get keyed,

Memorizing pick-up lines and routines,

Or even just working stupid jobs that no one cares about just to make enough money to impress women.

All that will become completely irrelevant as your AI girlfriend will not require anything other than the latest tech that any man working at McDonald’s will be able to afford.

In the future, there will be contrarians that identify as non-Digi sexual, given how common this is likely to become. And to them, I say good luck! I just hope you don’t catch a fake rape claim, unwanted child or an incurable STD for the sake of banging an imperfect real woman after Frappuccinos at Starbucks.

The future is one of Digisexuals. Incels are about to go extinct and be replaced. The west will avert a crisis of angry young men but will find itself with a new crisis. Angry old women.

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